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    We understand that taking the initial steps toward addressing ear, hearing, and communication problems can be filled with uncertainty and reluctance for some.  Many of our patients have been kind enough to share their thoughts and experiences so that other people like themselves may find the encouragement and confidence to address their hearing health and get on the path to improved communication, comfort, and quality of life.  We often hear our patients tell us they would have done something sooner if they had known before what they now know! 

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    My experience with getting hearing aids turned out, happily, to be no big deal. Dr. Keifer was pleasant to work with and I would recommend to anyone if you need hearing aids, get them, and see Dr. Keifer.

    – Gary A., 67, Toledo, OH


    I felt fortunate to have the service of Dr. Clint Keifer for my hearing health care. Dr. Keifer is a very knowledgeable and caring audiologist. I am confident that I am receiving the best care for the treatment for my hearing loss. I would definitely recommend the services of Dr. Keifer to someone with hearing loss/impairment.

    – Patricia L., 69, Toledo, OH


    I’m impressed with the cleanliness and orderliness in this office. The receptionist and the audiologist are courteous and accommodating.

    – Virginia W., 82, Berkey, OH


    We would absolutely recommend Dr. Clint Keifer, Great Lakes Audiology, to everyone! The entire experience from making the initial appointment to ordering and being fitted for the hearing aids along with the 6 week rehab period was an awesome experience! Dr. Keifer was so conscientious to detail in regards to explaining about hearing loss and the many other symptoms that occur because of not being able to hear. He made us feel so comfortable and showed such personal interest and concern in every step in the process of getting my hearing restored to allow me to get back to being involved in social interaction situations that I had been missing out on for a number of years. It is wonderful to be able to hear again.

    – William H., 84, Toledo, OH


    Very pleasant experience. Very professional yet friendly. I have no other hearing aid to compare but I am very happy with this one.

    – John C., 64, Toledo, OH


    Received a thorough exam with an explanation of each procedure. Great follow up visits. Wonderful relaxed office environment. I highly recommend this practice for your hearing needs.

    – Vivian F., 65, Toledo, OH


    I was most satisfied with my experience at Great Lakes Audiology. Dr. Keifer was thorough in his testing and willing to work with, and enhance, my current hearing aids. He listened to and addressed all my concerns.

    – Kate F., 70, Sylvania, OH 


    Pleasant. I was surprised how pleasant it is to hear so much more in meetings and during conversations.

    – David Y., 58, Archbold, OH


    I consider myself rather young to be wearing hearing aids.  I felt traumatized when I needed them. After working with Dr. Clint Keifer he helped me work through my anxiety and realize life in hearing aids can be beneficial.  He is so understanding and makes you feel like you are his only patient.  He is quite knowledgeable and is the best at what he does.

    – Judy F., 52, Whitehouse, OH


    Dr. Keifer and DeAnne are the best. DeAnne is kind patient and understanding. She is Dr. Keifer’s left hand! Dr. Keifer is well read, and well spoken professional yet down to earth with a sense of humor. Hearing again with Dr. K was the ultimate experience. Hearing aids are cool!

    – Connie H., 70, Sylvania, OH


    Professional and helpful, keep doing that you are doing!

    – Michael P., 77, Toledo, OH


    Very satisfied with all of my treatment. The exam was thorough and explanation of the test results was easy to understand. Most happy with my hearing aid.

    – Carol H., 77, Wauseon, OH


    Great meeting both you and DeAnne. I have to go now, my batteries need charging.

    – Carol N., 72, Temperance


    After countless times of being told I should get my hearing checked, I finally did! The first time I put the hearing aids in reminded me of when I got my first pair of glasses… everything was so bright and crisp, every sound was amazing… never realized how much I was missing! Dr. Keifer was great to work with! Very patient with questions and explaining things simply. DeAnne is the best, too!!

    – Cathie H., 61, Toledo, OH


    The majority of providers only offer one brand are not very transparent about their suggested unit. Dr. Keifer offers a choice among six brands and will discuss pros and cons about each brand and style. That provides a better understanding about which choice is appropriate and increases your confidence level.

    – Tom C., 76, Napoleon, OH


    Dr. Keifer is a very experienced professional. Because of his depth of knowledge he was able to select the hearing aids that best filled my needs. He worked closely with me on a personal basis to assure that I was comfortable with and fully understood the hearing aid process. The end result is great. I would describe the entire experience as excellent and highly recommend him for hearing care.

    – Gerald H., 78, Lambertville, MI


    The office is in a convenient location, and going to Dr. Keifer gives you the happy, knowing feeling that you will always get the best of care!

    – Donna, 82, Toledo, OH


    From the initial visit it was clear Dr. Keifer was first and foremost interested in improving my hearing not just making a buck. I see a number of doctors for various issues and Dr. Keifer is at the top of the list. He has followed through with what he proposed and improved my hearing greatly. He is concerned about my comfort and quality of life. Dr. Keifer listens carefully to my comments and responds with well thought out advice. I recommend Great Lakes Audiology to anyone with hearing issues. Especially those who may have been fitted with hearing aids and are not pleased with the result!

    – Willard R., 62, Perrysburg, OH


    Learning an honest explanation of my hearing problems was the best part of my experience.

    – Ken S., Toledo, OH


    Learning the cause of hearing loss and the extent of it was a great experience.

    – Julie A., 68, Toledo, OH


    A friend of mine got hearing aids through a location that used only technicians and experienced unresolved problems. She and another friend recommended I see an audiologist, but had no one to recommend. I found Great Lakes Audiology and Dr Keifer on the internet, selecting them based on website content and location. I am thrilled with my choice!

    Dr. Keifer conducted a thorough exam, listened when I discussed my lifestyle, then made a recommendation for a type of hearing aid based on that information. My results have been wonderful! Just one example – I attended a play and heard every word! Working with Great Lakes Audiology and Dr. Keifer has been a positive experience.

    – Sue M., 69, Maumee, OH


    Dr. Keifer is the most caring person who is providing a service. I always felt that I was treated as though my experience should have the best possible outcome. Any concerns that I have had were always addressed to my satisfaction and understanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Keifer / Great Lakes Audiology.

    – Janet F., 80, Maumee, OH


    There is not one negative thing to be said about these folks. Dr. Keifer is such a truly nice person. Very down to Earth. DeAnne is a sweetheart. Wish more people were like them in this day and age.

    – Peggy C., Sylvania, OH


    I was told [previously] that a hearing aid in my right ear would not help.  I was to believe I’d have hearing only in one ear with the help of one hearing aid.  It was easier to stay out of conversations with people and isolate myself instead of struggling to hear.  You [Dr. Keifer] were persistent that you could help me—I was skeptical, but you did it.  The trial hearing aid for 1 month worked.  Your expertise and knowledge was amazing.  I could actually hear words out of that ear.  I’m more confident and outgoing and now volunteer at our local hospital.  You gave me my life back.  I can’t thank you enough.

    – Maryann B., 54, Northwood, OH


    What you [Dr. Keifer] have done for my wife is remarkable.  She struggled for years.  She believed she would never have hearing in her right ear, but you changed that.  She can hear out of that ear.  Thank you for your commitment and excellence.  Her hearing is the best it’s ever been.

    – Joseph B. (Maryann’s husband), Northwood, OH


    I’m a retired RN with a 25 year history of Meniere’s Disease.  In my case, I have bilateral hearing loss.  My first set of hearing aids was in 1996 with another audiologist.  Then in 2008, post several operations, I met Dr. Keifer.  I needed aids again.  He has been wonderful, patient, genuinely concerned.  He pays attention to details and is an active patient listener.  Excellent in his field.  I would recommend him to anyone!

    – Cindy M., 65, Toledo, OH


    I was very impressed with Clint at my last appointment when he remembered my husband’s birthday.  That just goes to show how interested he is, not only in his patients but their family as well.  He always makes me feel so comfortable and at ease.  Cherie is also so pleasant and such a joy.

    – Janet S., 72, Northwood, OH


    I found the experience to be a major improvement in my life.  I was shocked to find the results of my hearing loss but now I am enjoying the world that has opened up to me.  I feel the approach of working the aids up to full strength over time was key to me not taking them off in the first week due to the huge change.  Even at 70% I felt like the world was yelling at me.  I would and have encouraged others to visit [Dr. Keifer’s] practice.

    – Trent S., 55, Sylvania, OH


    Education, experience and compassion are what I look for in a doctor.  Dr. Keifer has all three.  He also has patience, explains what he is doing, and is a very caring individual.  Thanks Clint!

    – Sally L., 74, Wauseon, OH


    Simply the best! My son can’t wait for his appointments! He loves sharing stories with Dr. Keifer.  I trust that he always has my son’s best interest in mind.

    – Lisa D., mother (Ethan, age 9), Toledo, OH


    It is very good care and service, very friendly people. I like my hearing aids. [Dr. Keifer] takes time to help you—very good.

    – Katherine H., 94, Blissfield, MI


    The amount of time that I’ve been with Clint (about 10 years) I’ve come to know and trust him.  His knowledge and experience to me is invaluable. I couldn’t see myself going with anyone else.  I highly recommend Clint to anyone.

    – Larry B., 67, Toledo, OH


    What a great experience at finding someone willing to work through all my hearing fears and issues.  I am totally pleased to have Clint as my Audiologist because he CARES about all his patients and people feel that from him.  My past experiences with a different Audiologist was not good…this one…Exceptional!!

    – Marge T., 67, Toledo, OH


    When I look for an audiologist, I look for someone who gives me straight talk with true kindness and care.  I look for someone who not only considers my ears and hearing, but also cares about my wellbeing—and wants to integrate it with my hearing needs.  I look for an audiologist who charges what he deserves, and gives me good care commensurate with his charge.  I look for someone with whom I feel comfortable—not intimidated, welcome—not rushed in and out, someone from whom I gain knowledge and training for my problem.  I am glad that Dr. Keifer combines these characteristics.  Thank you.

    – K. A., 73, Bowling Green, OH


    I did not realize how bad my hearing was deteriorating; and now that I’ve been seen by the doctor and received the hearing aid, hearing and talking with people is a world of difference.

    – Jim L., 74, Toledo, OH


    I had a previous experience with trying to use a hearing aid, nothing went right and I was very afraid to try again.  With Dr. Keifer it was very easy and a pleasant experience.

    – Jack T., 82, Oregon, OH


    I can’t say enough good things about Great Lakes Audiology.  I have worn hearing aids and worked with audiologists for nearly 30 years and I have never encountered such wonderful office staff or such a capable and understanding audiologist.  Cherie at the front desk is friendly, helpful and professional.  Making appointments is an easy and pleasant experience.  Dr. Keifer is amazing.  He listens well and is an astute clinician.  He has solved problems others couldn’t and has me hearing better than ever before.  On every visit he is kind and thoughtful and relaxed.  I actually look forward to my appointments because I feel I am going to see my friends.  I, without any reservation, recommend this audiology practice.

    – Lisa H., 47, Sylvania, OH


    I waited sometime without the aids and a friend told me how great Dr. Keifer and his office were so I tried them. And oh!!–how happy I am with these. They help me hear so much better and especially (with) the training given while using these.

    – Beulah G., 81, Adrian, MI


    I purchased my first hearing aids from another audiologist four years ago.  I did not like them from the first day.  After several attempts to re-adjust settings that did not improve my objections I stopped wearing them.  I was referred to Dr. Keifer by my son-in-law.  Dr. Keifer fitted me with a mid level Phonak brand.  On the way home I turned on my classical music station I thought I was in a concert hall.

    – Thomas O., 81, Sylvania, OH


    I had put the hearing test off for years.  I wish now I would have done it a lot sooner.  I missed out on so much.  It is great to hear people talking and knowing what they were saying, hearing the birds sing, and understanding the talk coming from the grandchildren.  It was very moving to me.  The whole experience has been great.  Dr. Keifer is so outgoing and nice.  Cherie the receptionist has been a big help working on appointments for me and friendly also.

    – Kathy R. , 72, Temperance, MI


    Great improvement, great results–Clint is very calm and helpful.

    – Jerry K., 67, Petersburg, MI


    From the initial greeting and the audio testing that followed, I was completely made comfortable through the whole process.  I was properly educated and trained to perform the necessary maintenance and proper care of the hearing devices.  From the very beginning to the end, it was a very pleasant experience.

    – Charles M., 81, Ida, MI


    A year ago when I decided it was time for hearing aids I interviewed numerous providers including national chain and private practitioner.  I was becoming disillusioned until I met Dr. Clint Keifer.  Unlike the others, Dr. Keifer was not there to “sell me something”.  It was obvious that his primary goal was to educate so that I could make an informed decision.  He outlined the realistic expectations with hearing aids and patiently answered my many questions.  He explained in detail the results of my hearing test and the pros and cons of various hearing aids.  It is rare to find a medical professional who would spend so much time with you to ensure patient satisfaction.

    – Minda W., 69, Toledo, OH


    I received personal attention, questions answered, and willingness to go back over things if I didn’t understand at first.  I received choices of styles of hearing aids and benefits or drawbacks of each for my situation, not just trying to sell the most expensive whether best choice or not.  Dr. Keifer made sure of fit and comfort and had willingness to answer questions, etc.  Thanks—big difference! I can actually hear now!

    – Linda F., 64, Metamora, OH


    From my informal meeting with Dr. Keifer at the Sylvania Business Expo, I knew he was who I wanted to work with to help me with my hearing loss.  He understood my concerns about making sure I would be comfortable wearing and using the devices.  He offered several options and suggested a product that provides me optimum hearing health.  I am very happy with my “new ears”!

    – Joan N., 61, Hudson, MI


    When I first thought that I might be having problems with my hearing, I made up my mind that I wanted an audiologist who cared as much as my medical doctor.  I searched the internet and decided that I did not want a major hearing aid corporation or even a “box store” examination for my hearing.  Hearing clearly was not something that I would take lightly.  I chose Great Lakes Audiology for my testing not knowing what to expect.  I was amazed at the thoroughness of the exam.  Dr. Keifer was great explaining the results and importance of hearing well.  He solved my problem and I would highly recommend to anyone.

    – Howard G., 65, Sylvania, OH


    The knowledge Dr. Keifer has shows in everything he does.  His personality and care is a comfort in what could be an uncomfortable situation.  I would recommend him (and have) to everyone.

    – Karen D., 59, Toledo, OH


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