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    Audiologist Dr. Clint Keifer had felt for many years that hearing healthcare was not what it should be.  Far too many individuals with hearing disorders, such as hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears), have avoided seeking professional help due to a variety of reasons.  Your doctor might have told you “nothing can help” or your friend was sold a hearing aid that never worked and sat in a drawer.  The conventional “sales” approach used by large corporations, hearing aid chains, manufacturers, and dispensers over many years have certainly had a negative impact.   No matter the reasons, Dr. Keifer passionately believes it is his responsibility (and that of other audiologists) to provide a much greater example and experience for you and your family.

    Dr. Keifer created Great Lakes Audiology to be your most trusted and valuable community resource for hearing heath, education, and quality audiologic care.

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