• Hearing Aid Services

    Meeting the challenges of life head-on

    “Hearing Aids In Action”
    ~ Ethan, age 9

    When properly selected and adjusted, modern hearing aid technology can be positively life-altering.  Studies reveal quality of life improvement with hearing aids is directly proportional to receiving audiological best practices (and have a greater impact than technology level alone).  In other words, the skill and capabilities of the provider are critical in ensuring maximal communicative outcomes and satisfaction.  Hearing aids in the drawer, whatever their cost, are a poor investment.

    Our audiology doctor will assist you with obtaining the most beneficial devices and services to match your individual needs and help you achieve success.  Unlike typical retail markup (and commissioned sales) practices, our office offers an alternative model which clearly defines separate device and service charges, with hearing aid fitting services remaining the same no matter which technology level is selected.  Not only does this reflect the importance and benefit of quality audiology services, but also makes the best technologies more affordable—both of which result in the delivery of greater hearing healthcare value.

    If you or your loved one already own hearing aids, but feel disappointed or unsure of appropriate benefit and fitting–we can help!  Dr. Keifer works with many hearing aid manufacturers (see below) and specializes in evaluating hearing aid performance, identifying problems, and applying proper prescriptive amplification settings and physical fit modifications so that the most can be made from current devices.


    Hearing Aid Services

    Functional assessment/hearing aid evaluation

    Expert device selection and prescriptive fitting

    Counseling/instruction on use, care, and communication strategies

    Verification measures (probe microphone/speech mapping)

    Programming and physical fit adjustments

    Custom ear mold fitting

    Routine maintenance/cleaning (incl. filters, domes, tubing changes)

    In-office repairs & modifications

    Electroacoustic analysis (measures output, battery drain, distortion, noise, etc)

    Manufacturer repair handling (warranty/non-warranty service)

    Accessory device integration (ie, TV, music, phone)


    Hearing Aid/Equipment Manufacturers 

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