• Cerumen (earwax)

    Cerumen, or what we usually refer to as earwax, is a necessary part of our auditory system and provides several positive benefits including protection from foreign debris, insects, bacteria, and fungi.  The mechanism of the ear canal to produce new cerumen and gradually move out the old is relatively self-maintaining for the majority of individuals, but occasionally an abnormal build-up can cause problems.  This is more likely to occur as a result of using Q-tips, earplugs, and hearing aids. Ear Model

    As part of all evaluations or check-ups at Great Lakes Audiology, otoscopy (lighted, magnified inspection of the ear) will be performed.  If an abnormal amount of cerumen is observed, Dr. Keifer will take great care in gently removing it for you or your loved one.  If you believe that cerumen build-up may be an issue, attempting to remove with a Q-tip may only push the wax deeper and result in more difficult removal.  Depending on your individual situation, Dr. Keifer may instruct you on some home management techniques to implement following your visit.

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