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    Read timely and helpful hearing health news including many columns written by Dr. Clint Keifer on caring for our ears and hearing. 


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    Summer 2015 (issue 1)


    HEARING HEALTH NEWS COLUMNS – written by Dr. Clint Keifer

    Bulk Toilet Paper and Hearing Aids: Big box store healthcare? (First Local Toledo, June 2015)

    Hearing Aid Myth Busting (First Local Toledo, March 2015)

    Hearing Aid Options for Any Lifestyle and Activity (First Local Toledo, November 2014)

    Success with Hearing Aids (First Local Toledo, September 2014)

    Don’t Waste Money on Hearing Aids – Buyer’s Guide (First Local Toledo, August 2014)

    Lower the Boom! Noise exposure to fireworks (Holland-Springfield Journal, July 2014)

    Cleaning Ears: Q-tips are larger than your elbow (First Local Toledo, June 2014)

    Tinnitus (Ringing of the Ears): What’s all the noise about? (First Local Toledo, September 2013)



    IN THE NEWS – Dr. Keifer and Great Lakes Audiology 

    2017 Readers Choice Winner Best Audiologist — Mature Living (07/2017)

    2017 Outstanding Young Audiologist Award

    2016 Top Docs–Mature Living (11/2016)

    2016 Readers Choice Winner Best Audiologist–Mature Living (10/2016)

    2015 Top Docs–Mature Living (8/2015)

    2015 Readers Choice Winner Best Audiologist–Mature Living (7/2015)

    Audiologist opens practice in Sylvania–Our Town Sylvania.com–THE BLADE (4/15/13)

    Great Lakes Audiology, LLC Ribbon Cutting–The Sylvania Advantage (4/3/13)



    Better Hearing Institute warns on Do-It-Yourself hearing care Oct 2011

    Joint Statement on Consumer-Administered Hearing Tests and Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aid Sales

    Positive Health and Well-Being Effects of Hearing Aid Use